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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Noah Branches Out With Food

So Noah, always a good eater, has decided it's high time to experiment further with food. You'd think this would be further cause for celebration, but you'd be wrong. So here's what happened.

The boys were quietly having lunch (quietly always putting me on alert) when I heard Noah start to giggle. I thought he was sharing a private joke with his brother, but then I heard Gabe say: "What's so funny Noah?" So, I came around the corner to find out myself. I was greeted by Noah's infectious, toothy grin... the one where his cheeks puff out and his dimples shine through. I smiled right back at him. "Whatcha up to little one?" And through his giggles he said: "I stuck cheese up my nose."

And that was it. Straight out, no pretense, no sense of protecting me from the truth...

Shocked. It's the only word to describe how I was feeling by what I'd just been told. Sure, other moms reading this will think - oh that happens all the time... I know kids do this sort a stuff all the time but Gabe was my first and he never did anything remotely similar to that. Gabriel spoiled me.

Within the span of two seconds these thoughts crowd my head:

Can he breathe? Of course he can, he wouldn't be laughing otherwise.

Where did he get this idea from? No clue.

How do I get cheese outta his nose? ?

Noah will cause lots of visits to the emergency room, won't he? Yes!

Ok. I fetch Kleenex and Q-Tips. I can do this, it's not brain surgery... well maybe. And he's still laughing. We finally get the cheese out. I'm surprised to see that it's a sizeable chunk. How was he breathing??

I ask him, calmly, to please not do that again and fully expect that that will be the end of it. Lesson learned.

The following week, he repeats the same experiment with a chocolate chip cookie. Kid You Not. What The Hell? Didn't we just go over this?

Visions of emergency rooms dance through my head...

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