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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Early Morning with Noah

I'm not a morning person, nor have I ever claimed to be one. My children know this but insist on torturing me by waking me up during daylight hours. Some friends told me I would become a morning person when I had children. Never happened... and I don't speak to those 'friends' anymore. Oh, I'm up and all, but how coherent on any given day, is anyone's guess. Some days the answer to that becomes evident, like when I decide it's best to store the coffee cream in the cupboard, or when I run the washing machine without actually including the laundry. But it's the days when either Gabe or Noah decide they absolutely must get up between 4 and 6 am to party with me that I find the toughest... and sweetest. I swear sometimes that Gabe and Noah are connected psychically, because just when one is ready to go back to bed and my fantasies of more sleep seem a close reality, the other decides that 5 minutes of rest for me is quite enough. And so it was, that my morning today began at 6:30am. With Noah.

I can tell when he's not gonna just roll over and go back to sleep. I'm his mother after all. But that never stops me from giving it my best shot.

Noah (whispering): Mama, I want to put a shirt on and I need some food.

Me: (In my head, I'm actually praying that if I don't answer him he'll a) forget b) fall back alseep or c) have mercy on the soul of the one who birthed him).

No such luck.

Noah: (yawning) Mama, I want to put a shirt on and I need something to eat.

Me: Really Noah? Cause look, it's still dark outside (and to present the obvious to him, I point in the general direction of the window), and you're yawning, a sure sign that you're still tired...

Noah: No.

"No." Simply stated and right to the point. It means "I'm not buying your tricks." I love children for their honesty, but I could use a little humouring right now. I try again. Cause I'm not a quitter.

Me: Don't you wanna stay and snuggle with me under the cozy blankets? (Note all the temptation I've packed into this one short sentence: snuggle, me, cozy, blankets. How can he resist?)

Noah: No.

This second "no" is nothing like the first. It's the "no" signaling that I've already lost the battle. It's the "no" that says: "I have a plan and you're coming with me. Accept my will now and things will go alot easier for you." I decide to give in.

Me: Ok Noah, let's get up.

This is met with the type of enthusiasm usually reserved for the toy section at the store.

So, my still sleepy baby crawls over to me, puts his arms around me, and tucks his face into my neck. I stop to get a shirt, then carry him downstairs to the couch where I sit him down beside me. Immediately, he crawls into my lap and asks to watch PlayHouse Disney. Ok, I say as I flick on the tv. He seems quite content. I'm happy too, but want to get the food show on the road, so we can both head back to bed.

Me: What would you like to eat Noah?

Noah: Nawphing.

Me: (Nothing?? Are you kidding me??? I think to myself). I thought you were hungry honey?

Noah: No.

Another "no" stated emphatically. This has happened before and I've come to realize that these moments are our most special times together. Noah is never still except during these requested snuggle times and all I have to do is sit quietly and hold him. This magic lasts for about an hour when Noah finally turns to me and asks me to take him back to bed. So, I do. I snuggle in beside him for the 20 minutes it takes for him to fall back asleep and happily, I feel myself drifting off too. Moments later, I feel something else too. A light tapping on my shoulder and I roll over to see. I greet Gabriel with a big smile on my face, showing him all the love I have for him in just one look.

Gabriel: Good morning mama! Wanna come race with me on the Wii?

Me: Sure, let's go.

Did I even get 5 minutes of fantasy sleep? Not sure. Not sure I really care either cause I'm getting more magical time, this time with Gabe. If I have to be up during daylight hours, I can't think of two better reasons to be up.


  1. I like your blog. But the white lettering on the black background really hurts.
    I think you should change it because some random stranger (me) told you to.

    I like your take on the morning wakenings. I have two boys, 6 and 2, and that crap just makes me grumpy.

  2. Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the name of yours, Cauldren full of thoughts, so descriptive. Now, I happen to like black backgrounds, the arty witch in me, but you may want to change your "main posting" font to a "sans serif" type such as Trebucet, Verdana, Ariel. This is much easier on the eyes ann the letters do not bleed out. You may also want to utilize a softer black as the background as this also helps the glare back. These are just suggestions as difficulty in reading the copy you share will keep folks away. You have much to say and we really do want to hear your voice.

    I raised to sons and this morning time just before being fully awake is wonderful. Sea Witch

  3. Thank you both for your feedback on everything. Will work on the design. Much appreciated.

  4. So simple, yet so gorgeous. What a great mother!