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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Clifftop

Standing at the edge
Her toes curled around sharp rock
Cutting into the soft soles
Of her feet.

The wind whips her long hair around
And she's half blinded by the kiss.
As it has always been,
Make the choice; live with the consequences.

Looking down
Into the abyss
She did not come here alone,
Yet here she stands - solitary.

The wind whips again
Wrapping her long skirt
Around her legs
Binding her to the spot.

She is in between
At a crossroads
Everywhere and nowhere
All at once.

The step, whether forward or back,
Won't just take her
But everyone else
She knows and loves.

Either way
Everyone is entangled
The weight of the world is...
Well, you know.

The wind stops; the stillness is absolute.
She takes a step.

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