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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review - Covet by J.R. Ward

In the world of paranormal romance, J.R. Ward is huge. Best known for her Black Daggar Brotherhood series which centres around a bunch of hard-living, heroic vampires, Ward is back venturing into the world of Fallen Angels. Covet is the first in this new seven book series, one for each of the deadly sins.

Covet introduces us to Jim Heron, a newly fallen angel, recruited to save the souls of seven people from the seven deadly sins. Although it's a classic battle between good and evil, Ward's characters are always interesting because they walk a fine line between these two polar traits. Jim was an assassin in his previous life and seems to have plenty to make up for. His first assignment involves saving one Vin Di Pietro from the evil that has a deep claim on his soul. He also has to unite Vin with his true love, (of course) and it is only through her that Vin realizes what he's been missing all along (of course).

I'd first like to state that I am one among the legion of fans who absolutely crave reading the next installment of Ward's Black Daggar Brotherhood series. I recommend them to anyone who loves the paranormal romance genre, or vampires, or fast paced action, or sassy dialogue. That being said, I was excited to hear about Ward's new foray into the angel realm. And so, it was with a fair bit of excitement and anticipation that I began reading Covet.

I will say, I think it's an ok start to the series. It's left alot of questions to be answered and I suspect will be answered throughout the next six books. I'm interested to see where she's going to take this Jim character, how she's going to explain the whole fallen angel bit, and love her newly created villain Devina, so evil, she must be the Devil's left testicle. I must admit, I wasn't emotionally invested in her two lead characters who form the romance duo. I found them flat and predictable. Even the plot and action moved along a tad slower than what I'm used to with Ward's work. As the first work in a series, I am willing to cut it some slack and as a fan, I will definitely be looking to give book 2 a read.

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